Dominic Forsythe

Dominic Forsythe EPA, CPA


Professional Qualifications

European Patent Attorney, UK Chartered Patent Attorney

Membership of Professional Bodies

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), Member of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)


University of Cambridge, Masters Degree in Natural Sciences; PhD in Physics

Dominic handles a wide portfolio of patent cases, currently covering technologies ranging from particle accelerator systems and medical imaging systems, to bioinformatics, novel semiconductor configurations and advanced optics. More generally, consistent with his background, Dominic tends to be involved with cases having a strong element of applied mathematics or physics.

He deals primarily with patent drafting, prosecution and opposition work in Europe and the UK, but also oversees prosecution of cases in many other countries, including the USA, Japan, China, India, and Brazil. Dominic also has extensive experience handling hearings at the European Patent Office.

Dominic speaks fluent French and oversees translation work within JAKemp.

Before joining J A Kemp in 2002 Dominic spent several years working as a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge following his PhD, which helped him gain a strong understanding of academic culture and practical research environments. This experience helps Dominic deal effectively with clients from that background and his portfolio balance reflects this. A high proportion of his work originates from leading UK universities and Dominic visits academics on a regular basis.

Dominic became a partner at J A Kemp in 2012.

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