Daniel Spong


Daniel is a law graduate who has worked in the intellectual property sector since 2011. After joining J A Kemp as a member of the formalities team he joined the Engineering and IT Department as a paralegal, where he undertakes a range of responsibilities. These include portfolio management, particularly client budget forecasts for new applications and future costs, handling take overs for new cases, preparing filing documents for new applications and other associated tasks. He has also become a member of the Designs Team where he is responsible for preparing and filing new applications in Europe and UK. Prior to joining J A Kemp Daniel spent two years in Japan teaching English.

Daniel joined J A Kemp in August 2016 and became a paralegal in 2018.

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University of Essex, Honours Degree in Law


Email: dspong@jakemp.com

Tel: +44 20 3077 8600

14 South Square,
Gray’s Inn

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