Nicola Kimblin
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Nicola Kimblin

Associate, European and UK Patent Attorney

Nicola is a European and UK Patent Attorney. She has experience of patent work across a diverse range of biotechnology and life sciences subject matter, including antibody therapeutics, protein and peptide therapies, personalised medicine, diagnostics, vaccines, gene therapy, bioinformatics and genomics.

Nicola has experience of developing patent filing and prosecution strategies in a range of cases for UK, US, Europe and Japan-based clients.

Recent work Nicola has been involved with includes cases in single cell sequencing, DNA amplification, RNA editing, anti-bacterials, pharmacogenetics and diagnostic, prognostic and disease susceptibility markers. Her recent offensive and defensive opposition work has been in the areas of antibody screening, therapeutics and production and target-based treatments for inflammatory conditions.

Nicola works for British and European applicants and overseas attorney firm clients doing UK and European patent prosecution, and coordinating worldwide patent filing and prosecution. She also works on oppositions and appeals, freedom to operate analysis, drafting applications and advising on filing strategy and portfolio management. Nicola has particular experience of handling worldwide portfolios with complex unity of invention considerations.

Nicola joined J A Kemp as an associate in 2014 after working in the highly regarded biotechnology team of another UK private practice firm since 2008. Prior to this she conducted post-doctoral molecular biology research at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infection Diseases (NIAID, NIH), Bethesda, US on the transmission and sexual reproduction of protozoan Leishmania parasites and has a PhD in the molecular biology of the protozoan Trypanosomes that cause sleeping sickness.