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When is the Right Time to File a Patent Application?

6 December 2018

On 6 December 2018 partners from J A Kemp's Paris office, Graham Lewis, Jimmy Nicholls and Dominic Forsythe will present a seminar at the Institut Curie as part of the In’C2 initiative. The title of the seminar is: "When is the right time to file a patent application? How much data do I need, and can I talk about it?"

When a research project produces a new invention, it can sometimes be difficult to decide how best to proceed because there are conflicting pressures. As an inventor you would like to obtain a patent to protect your new idea, but you are not sure whether more research is required first. As a scientist you need to publish or discuss your results with others, but you are worried that doing so may harm your chance of a patent. J A Kemp patent attorneys will discuss how to balance these issues. We will explain what types of disclosure are “public” when it is safe to share your results, and show how a sensible patent strategy need not cause excessive delay to your research publications or collaborations. We will provide advice regarding when to file a patent application, what level of experimental data is needed to support it, and best practices to avoid leaving it too late!

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