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J A Kemp Supports BioStars 2017

For the second year running, J A Kemp is supporting BioStars, the life and health sciences startup accelerator by Panacea Innovation. The firm will be providing mentors in the Therapeutics, Medtech, Diagnostics & Future Health Technologies and Genomics & Digital Health areas.

In the first 2015/2016 BioStars round, J A Kemp mentored a few of the successful Spring cohort teams. These included BioMe Oxford, who have recently secured their first seed-funding round to develop their prototype.

Peter Silcock, BioMe 's mentor and J A Kemp partner, is leading J A Kemp 's team of mentors this time around. He commented It is vital that startup businesses have advice about protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights from the very beginning. It 's very exciting for us to be partnering with this year 's expanded programme and to be helping these early career scientists and entrepreneurs as they turn their scientific ideas into marketable products.

Dan Pinkas, BioStars Business Development lead stated: We are privileged to welcome J A Kemp this year among our renowned partners ' consortium after last year 's fruitful collaboration, which was fundamental for the successful development of the startups they have worked with. We have seen how crucial it is for our startups to develop an early understanding of their IP and turn it swiftly into a viable commercial asset. We are delighted that they will continue to support this year 's cohort to do the same.

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