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London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Aquatic Centre

24 September 2012

We previously featured a news piece about J A Kemp securing Trade Mark registration and Registered Design protection for adidas for the official 2012 London Olympics football.

J A Kemp has also secured a number of patents on sandwich plate systems (SPS) and SPS terraces for the firm's longstanding client, Intelligent Engineering Limited. These include patents protecting recent innovations used in the seating for the Olympics and Paralympics Aquatic Centre. SPS technology facilitated the equipping of the Centre with 15,000 additional seats for the duration of the Games. The additional seats were contained in two demountable grandstands, which had to be exceptionally light and strong as the constraints of the site required them to cantilever out over both a railway line and a canal! The grandstands are being removed after the Games to be re-used elsewhere, leaving 5,000 permanent seats in place at the Centre.

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