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Diversity and Inclusion

At J A Kemp we are known for our independent thinking and collective excellence. And we recognise that diversity of thought is vital in building and maintaining our collective excellence. We are therefore committed to promoting and sustaining cultures and working practices which promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We believe that these attitudes not only contribute to the collective creativity and quality that is valued by our clients, but also generate a supportive and welcoming workplace for our employees.

We strive to ensure that everyone at J A Kemp, regardless of background, is valued and respected – so that everyone can be themselves and feel that they belong. This includes providing opportunities for all to thrive and to develop their talents and skills to fulfil their potential, whatever role they play within our firm.

We are committed to equality within our workplace. We encourage openness and transparency and seek to minimise and eliminate the effects of unconscious bias in order to provide equal opportunities based on merit in both recruitment and career progression. We have taken positive steps to change our practices, to reduce the possibility of unconscious bias affecting our decisions.

Providing a working environment where our employees are happy and healthy – including their mental health – is also important to us. We have put in place a working group to consider issues of mental health and wellbeing, which includes representation from across the firm. We also have a number of trained mental health first aiders who are available where support is needed.

We recognise that there is always more that can be done. Our own diversity and inclusion group, chaired by partner Amanda Simons, considers how we are doing as a firm and where we might improve, as well as contributing to ongoing further initiatives. We are also signatories to the IP Inclusive Charter. The Charter represents our public commitment to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. By signing the Charter, we demonstrate our commitment in this area to prospective employees, customers and business partners alike.