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Vaccines and Immunology

We have a substantial practice dealing with all aspects of immunology. This includes applications directed to agents and cells involved in the immune response. We also handle numerous cases concerned with manipulation of the immune response and the use of such technology in the prophylaxis and treatment of disease.

Many of the matters we handle relate to vaccines, including vaccine components, adjuvants and administration schedules to maximise the immune response and DNA vaccination. We have expertise in drafting claims for such technology in the appropriate format for worldwide prosecution, and particular expertise in prosecution of this subject matter before the European Patent Office.

Several members of our Biotechnology and Life Sciences team have first degrees and/or PhDs in immunology and we run in-house seminars to keep up to date with the latest developments in this fast-moving field.  Our practice includes obtaining Supplementary Protection Certificates for vaccines as well as for other biologics and classical small molecule pharmaceuticals.