J A Kemp Webinar: How to Secure and Exploit Patents for Combination Therapies

20 March 2018

Combination therapies present a fertile area for future drug development. Obtaining patent protection for combinations of known drugs, however, remains a challenge. This practical webinar delivered by J A Kemp’s expert attorneys will provide you with advice on how to navigate the complexities of prosecuting patents in this field, whilst also taking a practical view of the value of these patents within a patent portfolio.

Topics include:

  • Fitting combination patents into a patent strategy
  • Tips on securing grant of combination claims
  • Data for supporting applications to combination therapies
  • Infringement of combination claims
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates

This is a technical webinar aimed at:

  • In-house IP practitioners working in the life sciences area
  • Attorneys involved in drafting, prosecuting and advising on pharmaceutical combination claims
  • People involved in developing pharmaceutical products and combinations in new and growing businesses or academic institutions.



This webinar is now available on demand


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