J A Kemp Webinar: Opposition Practice at the EPO

12 March 2020

Opposition practice at the EPO continues to develop, particularly in view of the changing procedure before the Boards of Appeal. This webinar makes use of the significant experience of J A Kemp’s attorneys, both in attacking patents in opposition at the EPO, as well as defending cases which have been opposed. We will consider opposition practice, including how to set up an attacking opposition. We will also highlight strategies for defence, including setting up the case in prosecution and formulating a strategy for amendment during opposition.

Topics will include:

  • Grounds of opposition and approaches to setting up an opposition statement
  • Good defence starts in prosecution
  • Claim amendments  - auxiliary requests in opposition
  • Overall strategies for attack and defence, to maintain flexibility on appeal
  • The role of experiments: what supporting data can usefully be filed, and when should it be provided.
  • Oral proceedings at the EPO


This is a technical webinar aimed at: 

  • Practitioners having an interest in EPO opposition 
  • In-house IP practitioners working in any technology area
  • Attorneys involved in advising clients on obtaining patents at the EPO
  • Attorneys interested in learning more about attacking patents at the EPO



This webinar is available on demand.


To book please visit the registration page.

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