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J A Kemp Webinar: Dosage Patents in the UK, Europe and Beyond

21 April 2020

This webinar is now available on-demand. Click here to access the recording.

Securing patents for new dosages of pharmaceutical products is now an established practice before the European Patent Office. However, the Supreme Court’s decision on this topic last year in Actavis v ICOS has caused some to question whether such patents can ever be maintained in the UK Courts. In this webinar, we will consider the law surrounding dosage patents at the EPO and in the UK and the strategic questions which are raised by the Actavis v ICOS decision. We will also look at how this issue is dealt with in other jurisdictions.

Topics include:

  • Background to the law on dosage patents at the EPO and in the UK
  • Summary of the Actavis v ICOS decision of the Supreme Court
  • Discussion of how to manage the difference in approach around Europe
  • Review of the global position on dosage patents


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