J A Kemp Webinar: Inventive Step for CII at the EPO

30 April 2019

Under EPO practice considerations for what is technical and what is not technical are intrinsically bound up with assessment of inventive step: the problem to be solved must be technical and only technical features can contribute to inventive step.  In addition, the Boards of Appeal have on occasion attributed a high level of skill to the person skilled in the art in the field of computer science.  In this webinar we discuss the latest EPO case law on separating the technical from the non-technical and inventive step issues arising in specific areas of technology, such as machine learning and simulation.

Topics include:

  • The “notional business person” and her role in examining claims
  • Effective arguments for inventive step
  • Machine learning inventions
  • Inventions using blockchains or distributed ledgers
  • Simulation and modelling, including the recent referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal



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