J A Kemp Webinar: Patentability of Simulations at the EPO

30 June 2021

In recent case G 01/19 (Pedestrian Simulation), the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO set out a comprehensive position on the patentability of simulations under the EPC. Since the patentability of simulations, which had generally been considered patentable with some caveats, is intertwined with the patentability of other computer-implemented inventions, this decision has wider consequences. This webinar will detail the approach of the EPO to computer-implemented inventions (including simulations) and consider what G 01/19 does (and does not) tell us about patentability of simulations and computer-implemented inventions in general. The webinar will also provide practical advice regarding the drafting and prosecution of applications directed to computer-implemented inventions in Europe in light of the decision.

Topics will include:

  • The EPO’s general approach to computer-implemented inventions
  • What G 01/19 tells us about how this approach should be applied to simulation inventions
  • Further guidance in the decision regarding how the EPO views important concepts such as technicality
  • Practical tips for drafting applications directed to computer-implemented inventions in light of G 01/19
  • Helpful arguments that can be deployed in prosecution

This is a technical webinar aimed at attorneys and inventors involved in drafting and prosecution of European Patent Applications directed to computer-implemented inventions.


The webinar will be held at 4pm British Summer Time (GMT+1).

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Speakers & Topics

John Leeming, Partner, J A Kemp


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