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J A Kemp Webinar: Practical Tips On Patent Prosecution In India And China

12 March 2019

This webinar is now available on-demand. Click here to access the recording.

Prosecuting a global portfolio can be a challenging business.  Moves in recent years to harmonise IP law across the major jurisdictions have not resulted in any great changes so far.  Patent practitioners need to be familiar with the laws across the globe, not only to be ready to face challenges as they arise, but to ensure that any newly filed patent applications are sufficiently robust to avoid potential pitfalls.  In this webinar we provide some practical tips on prosecuting patent applications in two important jurisdictions, India and China.  We consider some recent and up-coming changes in the laws of both states and also discuss the current picture for those involved in litigation in China.

Topics include:

  • Patentability requirements in India
  • Compulsory licensing
  • Indian National Biodiversity Act
  • Progress relating to post-filed data in China
  • Proposals for term extension and data exclusivity in China
  • Recent Changes in Chinese Litigation practice

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