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Invention Discovery

In an “invention discovery” session we will work with you to review your technology across the board in the context of your business circumstances. The emphasis will be on identifying what intellectual property you hold relevant to your activities and potentially “discovering” hidden or partly neglected IP assets that can be made to work for you. This may reveal patentable technology as well as other forms of IP such as design rights and trade marks. We will then advise on an IP strategy to make the most of your assets.

We will structure an invention discovery session to suit your specific needs and circumstances. Typically, each session will cover:

  • Your technology
  • Your business situation
  • Your existing IP
  • IP that you could potentially obtain in the future
  • IP-related business considerations
  • The outline of an IP strategy with due consideration of timing factors and costs

The outline IP strategy that is the key output from an invention discovery session will reflect your specific circumstances. It may be advisable for you to use a patent defensively to prevent competitors from copying your invention or aggressively to keep competitors out of the market. In other circumstances, the appropriate strategy may be to exploit your patent as a revenue generator through licensing or sale or to use it to attract investors or boost the valuation of a company when it is sold.

The report that we provide after an invention discovery session will summarise our IP strategy advice and all of the practical outcomes, including actions, timings and estimated costs.

We will be happy to agree in advance a fixed fee for an invention discovery session and the provision of our report.