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Vicki Allen

Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Vicki is a European and UK Patent Attorney. Whilst working across all areas of biotechnology, antibody therapeutics are a major focus of Vicki's work, and she handles cases in this area for UK, US, Scandinavian and Japanese companies. Vicki advises clients and foreign attorneys on how to draft antibody applications to optimise protection and to maximise the chances of securing allowance at the European Patent Office, particularly in relation to overcoming objections of lack of inventive step. Other areas of interest include diagnostic assays, screening methods, personalised medicine and antimicrobials.

Vicki's PhD involved studying the effects of isomerisation of azo-lipids on membrane protein folding. Vicki sometimes assists the Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Group with cases at the interface of biochemistry and chemistry, including some relating to determining interactions between small molecule drugs and proteins, lipid-protein complexes and drug delivery systems.

Vicki is mainly based in our Cambridge office and, whilst many of her clients are large companies, Vicki also enjoys working with smaller companies and technology transfer organisations. This aspect of the job often involves working closely with scientists in order to understand technical aspects, but importantly also advising on how best to use patents strategically to meet a company’s commercial objectives. Vicki has, for example, been involved in due diligence exercises in relation to securing funding.

Vicki has been involved in mentoring schemes for startups, including the PanaceaStars competition and Innovation Forum’s Imagine IF! competition. She is named in the Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) IP Stars Handbook.

Vicki has a broad range of experience in proceedings before the European Patent Office, including both attacking and defensive oppositions. Other areas where Vicki has experience are freedom to operate searching and infringement opinions.

Vicki joined J A Kemp in 2010 and became a partner in 2020.