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Vaccines and Virology

Vaccines remain a key therapeutic tool for combatting existing and emerging pathogens, as illustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic. They increasingly have relevance to the treatment of other diseases too, such as cancer. Virology is also an important area of research more generally, both for identifying treatments for viral diseases and for exploiting viruses as a means for delivery of therapeutics.

J A Kemp has substantial experience dealing with vaccines and virology. Our team includes a number of attorneys with technical backgrounds in relevant fields such as immunology, virology and parasitology, with a number of first degrees, masters and PhDs in these areas. We are at ease with this area of technology and have a wide range of experience in prosecuting it at the European Patent Office (EPO), as well as attacking and defending it in Oppositions and Appeals. Our practice also includes obtaining Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for vaccines.

As well as working directly on vaccines, we have a substantial practice in related inventions such as carrier, delivery and vector technologies, including peptide, DNA and RNA -based approaches, plus adjuvants and administration schedules. We help to build and defend intellectual property rights in all of these areas, designing portfolios to maximise protection for clinical vaccine products. We also work on anti-viral and other therapeutics, including small molecule pharmaceuticals and antibodies and biologics.