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Diagnostics and Personalised Medicine

The development of molecular diagnostic technologies has allowed for early and precise identification of disease. Tailored treatment of patients has also become possible, including by use of companion diagnostics identifying suitability of a patient for treatment with a given drug. J A Kemp drafts, files and prosecutes numerous cases covering all aspects of diagnostics and personalised medicine. These include cases directed to methods of diagnosis, sequencing technology, reagents, kits and biomarkers, as well as medical devices and chemical aspects such as chemical indicators for diagnostic sensors. We recognise that patent offices around the world apply different approaches when considering claims to diagnostic methods and kits.

We advise our clients on where best to protect their invention and the claim formats that are appropriate in different jurisdictions. We also advise our clients on filing strategy in relation to the identification of new biomarkers, their use in combination with other biomarkers, and their use in assessing and treating patients with selected pharmaceutical agents. We have considerable experience of addressing the particular issues that arise when handling such cases before the European Patent Office (EPO).