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Semiconductors and Condensed Matter Physics

Continuing developments in semiconductor technology and condensed matter physics make IP protection essential for companies competing in these sectors. Moore’s Law, the need for renewable energy production and opportunities for new applications of nano-materials are just a few of the drivers of innovation. Patents can protect new materials, new manufacturing process and equipment, new devices and new applications of materials, whether incremental improvements or ground-breaking innovations.

We have extensive experience in semiconductor manufacturing processes and equipment in fabs, most especially in photolithography and metrology, as well as in the products themselves. Areas of particular experience include FPGAs, superconductors, graphene application, surface emitting lasers and packaging. Beyond the microchip industry, we handle patents throughout the semiconductor field including solar cells, laser diodes, LEDs, and TV displays.

Our team includes physicists and materials scientists. We work in this specialist area both for corporate clients including camera producers, office equipment suppliers and manufacturers of photovoltaic technology and for hi-tech startups making use of a wide variety of semiconductor applications.