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Food and Nutrition

Technological innovation provides a competitive advantage for businesses involved in the production of traditional foodstuffs and ingredients, as well as those operating in emerging areas such as nutraceuticals, functional foods, non-traditional protein sources, and novel packaging technologies. As such, identifying patenting opportunities and maximizing their value is of great importance for companies operating in these fields.

We act across the spectrum of food and nutrition advancement, including in relation to agro-alimentary processes and products, brewing, oenology, enzyme technology, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, alternative sugars and proteins, the use of AI in food production, and devices for testing foodstuffs for the presence of harmful bacteria.

The in-depth experience of our attorneys makes us well-placed to address the specific challenges in the food and nutrition field at any stage of the patent lifecycle, including drafting, prosecution, and opposition and appeal proceedings. Our work in relation to the use of microbiological products for food and nutrition, such as pro- and pre-biotic bacterial supplements, is also complimented by our extensive experience relating to Microbiology and the Microbiome.