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Gene Editing and Engineering

Gene editing and engineering methods provide powerful tools for creating designer products for a range of industries, from manufacturing to therapeutics. J A Kemp has been at the forefront of patenting in the areas of genetic engineering, modification and manipulation for decades. More recently we have also developed a substantial full-spectrum practice covering gene editing technologies, following the emergence and rapid development of this important area. Attorneys at J A Kemp have in-depth knowledge of these specialist fields and we possess significant experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications covering these particular technologies, both at the European Patent Office (EPO) and worldwide.

In addition, we regularly act before the EPO Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal. We have represented clients in some of the earliest foundational cases involving CRISPR gene editing, covering reagents such as constructs, vectors, components and compositions for gene editing, as well as associated medical and therapeutic uses. We have subsequently developed an extensive practice in cases involving the application of gene editing and manipulation technologies. These include optimised editing components, as well as engineered cells and reagents for targeted therapeutic applications. Cases in these fields are led by members of our Biotechnology and Life Sciences Group, many of which hold first degrees and/or PhDs in relevant technology fields, bolstered with up-to-date knowledge of current developments. Our expertise in these disciplines is complemented by the strength and depth in our related practices including Cell and Gene Therapy, Immunology and Immunotherapy and RNA/oligonucleotide technology.