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We have extensive experience of handling patent applications in the polymer field, developed over many decades of working with clients in this area. Cases that we handle in this area can relate to polymers themselves, methods for their production and downstream processes which involve manufacturing articles from polymeric materials. Patent applications can also be concerned with the material science of polymers and their application in fields which range from electroluminescence through packaging and paints to medicine.

We have also been heavily involved in post-grant procedures involving polymers, in particular in European Patent Office (EPO) Opposition and Appeal proceedings, where we have acted on behalf of both patentees and opponents. One particular issue which is of relevance to the patenting of polymeric materials is that, unlike small molecules, they can be difficult to define simply in terms of their structure. Instead, the materials can only be adequately defined by reference to their properties. We have extensive experience of dealing with this issue and of defending claims which depend on such features.