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Chemistry is central to so many aspects of our life and work, from the food we eat and the medicines we rely on, to the building materials and energy systems we use day to day. The world of chemistry is ever evolving, resulting in a continuous improvement of materials, manufacturing methods and product design.

We have many years of experience in protecting such innovations for corporate clients and startups, spinouts and SMEs operating in both high volume and low volume manufacturing sectors. Our breadth of experience in a wide range of technologies and product types - encompassing pharmaceuticals and concretes, nanomaterials and polymers, batteries and photovoltaics - ensures that our team will be up to speed with the challenges facing your industry.

Our attorneys can help you to assess your options and select the appropriate strategy. Intellectual property rights that require protection may include not just patents, but also other rights such as confidential know how, trade marks and industrial designs. We can then implement your chosen option rapidly to secure your rights in a fast moving marketplace.