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Green Energy and Climate-tech

In recent years, the patenting of green technologies has grown dramatically with multi-national companies now leading their development. What were once substantially oil companies, are increasingly energy companies with green energy generation projects ranging from wind farms to hydropower. There has also been a lot of growth of climate technologies, such as air quality improvement and carbon capture technologies.

We have a team of attorneys with the relevant technical backgrounds and experience for assisting our clients with all aspects of green energy and climate technologies. Our clients in this field include startups, universities, research institutions and multinational companies.

Specific examples of technologies that we work on include carbon capture utilisation and storage, hydrogen production, methane reforming, battery technologies, fuel cells, bio reactors, biofuels, plastics recycling, combined heat and power systems, air purification technologies and water treatment. We are Associate Founder Members of Cambridge Cleantech and Members of Oxfordshire Greentech. We have experience of using the UK IPO "Green Channel" to accelerate the examination of UK patent applications relating to clean or green technology. Indeed as part of our commitment to cleantech clients we do not charge for requesting combined search and examination and entry into the Green Channel at the UK IPO.