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The advent of next generation sequencing was part of a rapid development in technologies and platforms that have enabled more rapid and extensive manipulation, analysis and interrogation of nucleic acids. J A Kemp attorneys have been at the forefront of patenting in many of these commercially-important fields.

Our work in these areas is extensive and includes nanopore and other general platform sequencing technologies, single-cell sequencing, RNAseq, sample processing, amplification, library production and manipulation, genetic and epigenetic analysis, and many other ‘omics’ and related analytical and platform technologies.

J A Kemp has a wealth of experience advising clients at every stage of drafting, prosecution, opposition and appeal proceedings in these technology areas. Cases are often led by members of our Biotechnology and Life Sciences group. Where necessary, we can provide a cross-disciplinary team, drawing on expertise in our other technology groups, such as in cases involving reaction chemistry or mathematical and software processing. Many of our attorneys hold first degrees and/or PhDs in relevant technology fields, bolstered with up-to-date knowledge of current developments.