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Industrial and Chemical Processing

The processing of raw materials into useful products on an industrial basis is crucial in the modern world. However, with ever increasing pressure to minimise energy expenditure and improve the safety profile and efficiency of existing products, not to mention design entirely new environmentally-friendly alternatives, innovation in the field of industrial chemistry has never been more important.

Patent protection is potentially available for multiple aspects of a given industrial transformation: our attorneys have extensive experience in devising strategies that provide robust protection for your investment in researching and developing new chemical processes and products. Safeguarding innovation in this field can include patents focussed on subject matter ranging from novel intermediate compounds, additives and catalysts, through to new final commercial products or new uses of old products, via the specific processes used to prepare each.

Industrial chemistry covers myriad distinct industries, including building and construction supplies, agrochemicals, petrochemicals and fuel/oil additives, paints and other surface coatings, cosmetics and related personal care products, catalysts, polymers and food technology, to name but a few. Our attorneys have a wide range of chemical backgrounds and so are well-suited to drafting and prosecuting patent applications in this exciting and fast-moving field. Such innovations sometimes also involve aspects of biotechnology or engineering, and so our attorneys regularly work in multidisciplinary teams when appropriate.