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Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Our team of attorneys has significant experience and understanding of wide ranging aspects of electronics and electrical technology. In recent years, particularly with the growth of clean technologies and driven by developments in the automotive industry, there has been renewed interest in electrical technologies such as power systems, motors, generators, switches, relays, transformers and the like. Battery technologies and fuel cells have also increased in importance.

Our team has a strong grounding in all of these areas. We have been involved in many related innovations, often considered in conjunction with new materials and improved electronic control. The field of electronics has developed from early vacuum tubes, transistors and discrete components through to the now ubiquitous integrated circuit. We have attorneys with particular interest in semiconductor technology.

Our team has expertise in both digital and analog electronics, covering mobile radio communication, audio/video processing, general signal processing, telecommunications, broadcast and internet/network television, wireless technology, navigation/satellites, channel coding and encryption/decryption, display technology, electro-mechanical devices and electro-optical devices. Often these technologies are considered in conjunction with IT and Software and they also find application in medical devices.