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BIO-Europe® is held annually in different cities and is an international forum to promote business development between pharmaceutical, financial and biotechnology companies. The event is Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotech industry. At this conference leading decision makers of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and financial industry employed at emerging companies meet annually. Investors and pharmaceutical companies offer benefits to life-science companies that exceed financial investment. These benefits include information on questions reaching from regulatory and permit requirements to marketing and representations of interests for patients.


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J A Kemp partner, Ian MacLeod will be speaking at this year's digitally delivered BIO Europe®

Building patent portfolios protecting microbiome therapeutics: Recent guidance and best strategies

A presentation from J A Kemp will cover recent guidance and best strategies for building patent portfolios that protect microbiome therapeutics in a robust manner and thus provide valuable commercial assets. Bacterial products are far more complex than small molecule drugs and antibodies and so they require a tailored approach. It is also not yet settled how bacteria are best defined in patent claims, or what scope claims limited to bacterial strains might have. The presentation will review recent patent cases that provide some much-needed guidance and will discuss creative patent drafting strategies utilising input from technical and commercial teams to generate strong and flexible patent portfolios that fully support development of microbiome therapeutics.


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