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BusinessGreen Technology Festival

J A Kemp is delighted to be sponsoring this exciting new event.

Green technology is at the heart of the transition to a net zero emission economy. It is the key to the UK's future competitiveness and the catalyst for the development of a healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous global economy.

The UK is blessed with both pioneering green technology developers and a business community that is committed to climate action. Technology companies are working to deploy their products and systems at scale. Corporates are striving to deliver on ambitious green goals and know they need to innovate fast to achieve them.

However, barriers to green technology deployment remain. As with any technology transition policy uncertainty, financial constraints, and infrastructure and skills challenges are all hurdles that have to be overcome. All too often green technology innovators and companies that want to deploy innovative green technology struggle to connect.

The BusinessGreen Technology Festival will seek to tear down these barriers. By bringing together the UK's most exciting green and clean tech providers and the businesses striving to engineer a step change in the pace of decarbonisation and the emergence of circular resource models, BusinessGreen will provide an invaluable forum for the two interlocking sides of the net zero transition.

J A Kemp associate and patent attorney Hermione Thompson will be presenting a session entitled "Protect what you have: Making sense of IP complexity".


08:30-16:15 followed by the BusinessGreen Technology Awards


Plexal, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Here East, Hackney Wick, London E20 3BS

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