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CWIC 2019: Digitising Industry

Has technological innovation or industry’s eternal drive for better margins been the greatest definer of 21st century economics?

The unstoppable rise of the internet giants to their current positions has been remarkable – and, at least before the turn of the last millennium, unpredictable. A common phenomenon in the technology community is that key innovations pre-empt their most profitable applications.

This “technology first” viewpoint underplays the extent to which vertical markets have always embraced technological change, and the impact that mature industries have on the economics of next generation communications. Many industries have quickly adopted the implications of the connected world and are now pulling it forwards at pace. And the mobile industry, which has relied hitherto on mass consumerism, is now sprinting to keep up with the diversity of demand arising from the complexity of each vertical market.

The Cambridge Wireless International Conference (CWIC) 2019 will bring together technologists and business leaders from six vertical markets to explore industry’s future requirements of the digital sector and identify opportunities for collaborative development.

Join Stephen Hodsdon and Joe Simon-Brown from J A Kemp's Cambridge office at this year's event.


Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton CB10 1RQ