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Intellectual Property and Commercial Legal Issues for Startups

Compared to big businesses, startups face more acute pressures in terms of money, time and staying on the cutting edge. This means that securing funding and ensuring that you have the right IP protection for your technology at the right time is crucial to support your business plan.

The session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover different ways of securing funding as well as trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information.


  • 09:00 Arrival and Networking
  • 09:30 Speakers
    • Rachel Bradley - Senior Associate, Penningtons Manches
    • Kathy Hills - Senior Associate, Penningtons Manches
    • Andy Bentham - Partner, J A Kemp
    • James Fish - Partner, J A Kemp
  • 10:30 Questions
  • 11:00 Finish


Penningtons Manches, Clarendon House, Clarendon Road, Cambridge CB2 8FH


Rachel Bradley and Kathy Hills of Penningtons Manches will discuss commercial agreements (including non-disclosure agreements) and tax efficient ways to incentivise employees and  investors respectively.

Andy Bentham (patents) and James Fish (trade marks) from Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm J A Kemp's Cambridge office will discuss how to identify and mitigate IP risks when searching for funding.