J A Kemp Webinar: Patenting Antibodies at the EPO

17 May 2018

Antibody therapeutics is a rapidly developing field, with many antibody-based therapies now on the market and in the clinic. Patenting of antibodies, particularly for known targets, is proving increasingly difficult. The day-to day practice at the European Patent Office is constantly evolving, moving forward much faster than the Case Law. This webinar makes use of the significant experience of J A Kemp’s attorneys in prosecuting antibody cases at the European Patent Office, as well as discussions with EPO examiners, highlighting recent trends in examination and strategies for addressing objections.

Topics include:

  • When broad antibody claims can be obtained
  • How to approach inventive step when the target is known
  • What data to provide to support inventive step
  • Functional/epitope claims
  • Other routes to patentability

This is a technical webinar aimed at:

  • In-house IP practitioners working in the life sciences area
  • Attorneys involved in drafting, prosecuting and advising on antibody claims
  • People involved in developing antibody products in new and growing businesses or academic institutions


This webinar is now available on demand


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