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MARQUES 38th Annual Conference

The 2024 MARQUES Annual Conference will be held in Stockholm. Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia and effortlessly intertwines a rich history and stunning nature with the cultural sophistication, modern architecture, and dynamic attitudes of a thriving city.

Taking inspiration from the can-do attitude of Swedish literary character Pippi Longstocking, this year’s Annual Conference sessions will cover diverse topics including: litigation and public opinion; working in areas outside your comfort zone; understanding local traditions; navigating consumer values; successful online enforcement; how to demonstrate market realities before EUIPO; visual disclaimers in designs; and the latest EU case law on trade marks and designs. There will also be workshops on artificial intelligence, trade secrets, co-branding, copyright in IP enforcement and amicus curiae briefs.

J A Kemp will represented at the event by Partner Charlotte Stirling.


Stockholm, Sweden


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