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Pharma Integrates 2020

Now in its ninth year, Pharma Integrates is a unique event bringing together pharma and healthcare leaders across the Pharmaceutical pipeline to address their needs, to share insights and create debate on crucial topics that influence the future of patient outcomes.

This headline event for Life Science Integrates has become the must-attend event on the calendars of pharma and healthcare senior leadership.

J A Kemp partners, Amanda Simons and Graham Lewis will be speaking at Pharma Integrates 2020.


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Patenting in a pandemic: How can you make your IP future-proof and flexible?

The world of healthcare has changed enormously in the last 12 months. Many companies aren’t letting a crisis go to waste – they are repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19 and rushing to protect potential IP. Overs haven’t been so fortunate – lockdown has prevented them from generating the data needed to secure patents.

Building flexibility into your patent portfolio is more important now than ever. Through case studies, we will discuss:

  • Options for securing effective IP on repurposed drugs.
  • Tips for speeding up and slowing down prosecution.
  • Powers that Governments have to use patented drugs and the enforcement of IP rights for Covid vaccines and treatments.
  • Securing IP for Covid-related inventions: the balance between patenting for profit and philanthropy.

AMANDA SIMONS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP
GRAHAM LEWIS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP


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