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IAM 1000 2024: J A Kemp Ranked as Top Firm and Achieves Record Number of Attorney Recognitions

J A Kemp has once again been ranked as a leading patent prosecution firm in IAM Patent 1000 - 'The World's Leading Patent Professionals 2024'.

Additionally, a record fourteen J A Kemp patent attorneys have been ranked by the publication in 2024.

The guide said of the firm: “J A Kemp is an outstanding firm with highly skilled professionals that get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. The team is responsive, supportive and dynamic when coming up with solutions to solve problems and execute successful strategies that meet the client’s vision. No matter how small the query, they always find the time to provide timely and thorough responses, leaving you feeling confident and satisfied that your IP rights are fully protected.”

The J A Kemp partners ranked included the Head of the Biotechnology and Life Sciences Group Patrick Campbell who is regarded as “a go-to counsel in the UK and Europe. He is capable of handling a very large amount of instructions without letting the quality slip. Patrick is knowledgeable, responsive, thoughtful and accurately anticipates his clientele’s needs.”

Pamela Tuxworth “shows an acute understanding of the technology and science involved in the development of her patrons’ products, including in highly challenging areas of biotechnology. She is equally excellent on the science as well as at manoeuvring through the prosecution process, including handling oppositions at the EPO. She brings a high level of skill and attention to detail in both areas, streamlining proceedings and showcasing an unprecedented level of confidence in the arguments and positions being established or defended. Pamela works on a timely basis, providing sufficient notice to deal with issues while not expecting continuous input from the client; she actively solves problems rather than simply identifying them.”

Making her IAM Patent 1000 debut, Vicki Allen is praised as being “consistently transparent about the commercial and patenting viability of applications, drawing on her significant years of experience to be able to advise appropriately. Her approach to supporting her clientele is always rigorous and well prepared. Vicki stays on top of recent developments in the industry, and it is obvious that her meticulous support and advice is underpinned by her passion for the subject matter.” Vicki “teams up with Graham Lewis, Head of our SPC’s Practice Group to represent long-term patron Regeneron in a number of opposition proceedings at the EPO, as well as providing strategic advice on its growing patent portfolio. Adding further depth to the biotechnology and life sciences group, Sarah Roques and Andrew Bentham combine subject matter expertise with a pragmatic approach to achieve the most robust patent protection possible.”

Head of our Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Group, Ravi Srinivasan is “highly skilled in tricky opposition and appeal matters at the EPO, and is experienced in co-ordinating cross-border litigation”.

Chris Milton is “quick to identify the core aspects of inventions and drafts precise patent applications that ensure 360-degree protection. Bolstering the set’s chemical and pharmaceutical offering even further”.

Andrew Clark is praised by clients as “consistently delivering excellent results.”

Head of the firm’s Medical Devices Practice Group, Mark Roberts is “a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and aggressive advocate. He is very resourceful in his approach to securing patent rights for his patrons at the EPO and the UKIPO.”

John Leeming, Head of our Software Practice Group earns glowing recommendations: “John guides his clientele through the patenting process and helps them to select the right markets for patent filings, ensuring they achieve the best value for their investments. His strategic guidance, combined with his consistent communication and unwavering dedication, makes the prosecution process painless. For any SaaS business looking to navigate the complexities of patenting, John is an excellent choice.”

Dominic Forsythe, Head of the Electronics Practice Group, “partners closely with his clients, from invention disclosure through to seeing patents granted across multiple territories. He has an outstanding ability to quickly comprehend the essentials of inventions and convert them into patent applications, and draws on this understanding to effectively defend claims later down the line. Dominic always provides excellent communication and support towards the end goal, and excellent advice on the risks of dropping or maintaining different patents within portfolios. In short, Dominic is one of the best patent attorneys in the UK.”

Martin Jackson, Senior Partner and Head of Engineering, “draws on his extensive experience in intellectual property to offer excellent advice on how to draft initial applications and respond to office actions, going above and beyond to find the best solutions to the most complex patenting matters. The real benefit of working with Martin is that he really understands the science – he knows all the fine jargon and considerations that you do, leading to a much more effective and efficient conversation and process.”

Toby Hopkin is a well-rounded practitioner who understands the commercial importance of intellectual property. He has been supporting leading UK-based marine engineering company BAR Technologies in the development of its global patent portfolio, providing invaluable advice on what to protect and where.”