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National Phase Entry Strategy

— Speakers: Lucy Barnes, Andrew Clark

Bringing a PCT application into the national/regional phase involves taking a large number of decisions simultaneously. These decisions can be based on a variety of factors, such as the relevance of documents cited in the international search report, the budget, the type of case (whether it covers an important product, whether it’s a platform case or a case covering a manufacturing process) and the markets of interest to the applicant. In this webinar we will explore these factors and some of the national/regional phasing strategies that can be used to optimise international examination from both the cost perspective and for maximising scope of protection.

Topics covered include:

  • Where to enter the national/regional phase
  • When to enter the national/regional phase (for example we will explore strategies involving staggering national/regional phase entry)
  • What claims to include
  • Prosecution strategies, such as acceleration