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Restoration – Are you Taking Enough Care?

— Speaker: Toby Hopkin

For many jurisdictions around the world missed deadlines relating to patents and patent applications can be recovered if one can show that the deadline was missed despite due care having been taken. Applicants and their attorneys should, therefore, ensure that they take an appropriate level of care when monitoring deadlines, partly to avoid missing a deadline and partly to provide the best chance of recovery if a deadline is missed. But what is due care? This webinar is based on the significant experience of J A Kemp’s attorneys in helping clients, non-clients and even competitors to restore rights in Europe and further afield when they have missed deadlines.

Topics include:

  • Who needs to take due care?
  • How much care counts as due care?
  • Examples of scenarios that do and don’t merit restoration
  • Practical implications for the systems and procedures that you use