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User Interfaces – What can you Patent?

— Speaker: Dominic Forsythe

User interfaces can be seen as crucial bridges between humans and machines. User interfaces can also be seen as, effectively, computer-implemented presentations of information. European patent law excludes computer programs and presentations of information (as such) from patentability. So how do so many patents get granted for user interfaces in Europe? Why do other applications for seemingly similar user interfaces get rejected?

In this webinar we will look at the EPO’s approach to excluded matter as applied to user interfaces. We will use examples from case law to try to make sense of what can and cannot be patented at the EPO. And we will discuss practical tips for drafting and prosecuting UI applications at the EPO to increase chances of success.

Topics covered will include:

  • The EPO’s approach to excluded subject-matter
  • Examples from case law to highlight how the EPO approaches user interfaces
  • Technical effect, and arguments that can be employed to highlight technical effect
  • A brief review of the UK approach to user interfaces
  • Practical drafting tips for user interface inventions