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Lucy Williams

Associate, European and UK Patent Attorney

Lucy is a European and UK Patent Attorney. She studied for her PhD as part of the prestigious Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Developmental and Stem Cell biology at the University of Cambridge. After an initial year studying the dynamics of cell proliferation, the origins of embryonic pluripotency and the molecular mechanisms of cell polarity, her PhD was focused on a functional analysis of motor protein dynamics during oogenesis, using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. An additional project concerned investigating the non-Newtonian fluid dynamics of the oocyte cytoplasm. During her PhD, Lucy published first-author papers in the well-known academic journals PNAS and Development.

Lucy is comfortable with a wide range of subject matter, ranging from biochemistry, molecular cell biology and genetics to biophysics. She has first-hand experience with the methodologies and techniques used in these fields.

Her work is varied in terms of subject matter, for example, patent filing and prosecution in the fields of molecular biology, PCR methods, genetic testing and diagnosis, antibodies and biologics, and cancer therapeutics and gene therapy.

Lucy works with a wide range of clients from large corporations to universities and small spin-out companies. She has also attended oral proceedings at the Opposition and Appeal Divisions at the European Patent Office.

Lucy joined J A Kemp in 2012 and became an associate in 2017.