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Toby Hopkin

Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Toby is a European and UK Patent Attorney. Toby enjoys handling work in a wide range of technology sectors, including technologies ranging from the nanoscale to large-scale constructions. Similarly, he works for clients ranging from single inventors to large multinational companies. The diversity of his work enables him to have a fresh perspective on his clients' challenges and helps him to develop strategies for his clients to build their IP portfolios.

Toby is experienced in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications at the European Patent Office and elsewhere. He is also experienced in obtaining registered design protection in Europe and elsewhere and advising clients in relation to design matters. He also routinely provides advice on freedom to operate and enforcement matters.

Toby has a widely recognised specialism in assisting clients that have unintentionally lost rights or whose patents have lapsed. In particular, he is very experienced in restoration of patents around the world after non-payment of renewal fees, restoring priority claims in the event of late filing of applications, including international patent applications and re-establishment of rights after applications have erroneously not been brought into the European regional phase. Toby has also brought this experience to bear in continuously improving our case management system and internal procedures to ensure that they remain robust, reliable and efficient.

Outside of work, Toby likes to spend his time releasing his creative side, such as designing and constructing a castle-themed play area for his children with swings, slides and a trampoline and a bespoke set of shelves with 50 separate slots for pairs of shoes or boots. Back in the office, Toby is pleased to employ this creativity for his clients, when drafting new patent applications, crafting arguments for inventive step or building a case for due care to restore a client's rights.

Toby joined J A Kemp in 1999 and became a partner in 2009. He is also a member of the firm’s management committee. He is based in our London office.

He is recommended by IAM Patent 1000, with clients commenting that “Toby demonstrates an extensive knowledge of relevant patent law and prosecution strategy. He is also extremely courteous and responsive. He offers excellent advice throughout the European patent process and is very generous with his time. He is much recommended.”