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London Technology Week Seminar – Snakes and Ladders for Startups: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

On Tuesday 21 June, J A Kemp partners Tom Albertini and Toby Hopkin will be leading an informal seminar for startups and entrepreneurs as part of London Technology Week (20-26 June).  In the seminar Tom and Toby will discuss what tech startup businesses need to know regarding branding, trade marks, patents, designs and copyright.

Compared to big businesses, startups face more acute pressures in terms of money, time and staying on the cutting edge. This means that having the right IP protection for your technology at the right time is crucial to support your business plan.

The session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover aspects of trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information. Questions Tom will be answering during this seminar include:

  • If ideas per se cannot be protected, what can be protected?
  • How do I ensure my chosen brand is available to use and protect, free from objection from third parties?
  • How do I protect a brand name/logo?
  • What is copyright and when does it subsist (focussing in particular on copyright issues surrounding logos)?
  • How do I prove ownership?
  • What should I do to ensure I own the rights if I employ a designer?
  • What are design rights and how can I protect them?
  • What are patents and what do they protect?
  • I need to disclose my ideas and my IP rights; how do I make sure my position is protected?
  • How can I exploit my IP rights to generate revenue for my business?

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about their own technology and current IP situation, as well as learn about the fundamental concepts involved in protecting their intellectual property in the clean technology context.

There will also be refreshments and plenty of time for networking. This event is open to all technology businesses and is free to attend.


5.30 – 8.00pm (refreshments provided)


14 South Square, Gray's Inn, London, WC1R 5JJ


To book please visit the registration page.