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Gold Ranking for J A Kemp’s Team of Trade Mark Experts

J A Kemp has been awarded the top ranking of "Gold" in the 2020 edition of World Trademark Review 1000.

The guide states that firms and individuals awarded this ranking are "those that attract the most positive comments from sources. We have identified them as the crème de la crème; their success often hinges on reputations established over lengthy periods of time, something which enables them to secure the most high-profile, big-ticket work from the most prestigious of clients."

The guide speaks favourably of the firm as a whole. "A very sharp firm, nimble on its feet and able to really deliver, J A Kemp is timely, professional and excellent value for money." It adds that "the outfit marches onwards, developing its Paris offering at a rate of knots and making excellent UK hires."

All five of the partners who lead J A Kemp's Trade Marks and Designs Group are ranked in the guide. James Fish, the Head of the Group, is awarded the top individual ranking of "Gold". James is qualified both as a trade mark attorney and as a solicitor. WTR1000 comments that he deserves much of the credit for assembling such an outstanding team. The guide describes him as "an impressive counsellor and individual", "an excellent practitioner of his art" and "a go-to for all forms of trademark work who receives uniformly positive feedback from clients."

Meanwhile, Ben Mooneapillay is, in the words of one contributor, "one of the most knowledgeable, rigorous and reliable attorneys out there. He gives his clients confidence that they are getting a first-rate service. With only a hint of humour, I often refer to him as the best trademark attorney in the country."

Charlotte Stirling is described as having "built a reputation for rendering laser-sharp, crystal-clear trademark counsel."

Tom Albertini - described as "smart, responsive, flexible and great at coming up with creative solutions" – is summed up by one client in the following words. "Efficient and detail-oriented, Tom is able to focus on the essential aspects of a portfolio or brief. Timely, professional and excellent value for money, he is simply an indispensable resource."

The guide describes Aaron Newell, who joined J A Kemp in 2019 having previously worked elsewhere in private practice in the UK, Australia and Canada, as being "positioned to shape strategy across three continents and in his element when dealing with international domain name disputes." In the words of one client: "Aaron has incredible attention to detail, acts fast and comes up with creative solutions to complex challenges. He goes above and beyond in analysing an issue and attacks problems posed from multiple angles. He is also knowledgeable and cost-effective."