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As an early stage business, your most valuable assets are intangible, not physical – they are your ideas. Turning those ideas into innovative, revenue generating products or services requires extensive investment of time and resources. However, if steps are not taken to protect your intangible assets early on, the value generated by that investment can be eroded. 

Whatever field of business you are in, our patent and trade mark attorneys bring in-depth technical and expert legal knowledge to help you secure the value of your intellectual property (IP) and mitigate IP-related risks as your business develops. Our attorneys will provide you with pragmatic, no-nonsense advice tailored to your commercial objectives, whether that is seeking to bring a product or service to market, or to make your business an attractive asset for investment or acquisition.

We like to partner with our startup clients to drive success by developing and executing comprehensive and scalable IP strategies. Recognising that most startups do not have their own internal IP counsel, we can offer cost-effective assistance with all aspects of IP strategy.

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