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Patenting Cell and Gene Therapies

— Speakers: Lucy Barnes, Lucy Williams

Cell and Gene therapies, also known as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, have the potential to provide life-changing treatments for a huge range of diseases. However, since it is relatively early days for these new therapeutics, there are still a number of open questions regarding the best ways to obtain suitable patent protection for them. This webinar will explore strategies that can be employed to improve patent protection for Cell and Gene therapies, thereby enhancing access to funding, enabling licensing, and providing a competitive edge.

Topics covered include:

  • What value do cell and gene therapy patents provide
  • What can be patented, for example what claim categories are useful, what claim scope are you likely to obtain, are claims to platform technologies viable
  • When to file, for example how much data is needed and how well defined does the product need to be
  • Where to file, the importance of obtaining broad geographic scope
  • Freedom to operate, including supplementary protection certificates and equivalents