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Richard Morris

Associate, European and UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Richard is a European and UK Patent Attorney. He is a part of our Engineering & IT group and handles cases relating to various types of medical devices and the manufacturing and design of mass spectrometry systems. He assists clients working on computer-implemented methods in bioinformatics, medical diagnostics, and patient monitoring using both classical algorithms and machine-learning techniques. He also handles some mechanical and electronic subject matter, including HVAC systems, display technologies, and automotive inventions.

Richard studied for his Masters degree in physics and DPhil in condensed matter physics at University College, Oxford. His undergraduate specialisms included solid state physics and biophysics. His postgraduate research focussed on the behaviour of spin waves (excitations of magnetically-ordered materials) at temperatures close to absolute zero, and their possible integration with quantum information technology.

Richard joined J A Kemp in 2017 and works in the firm’s Oxford office. He has worked on drafting and prosecuting patent applications for a number of clients local to the Oxford area, including from the university and its spin-out companies. He became an associate in 2022.