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Peter Silcock

Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Peter is a European and UK Patent Attorney based in our Oxford office. Peter’s work covers a broad range of chemistry. He has particular expertise in assisting university clients, startup companies and SMEs. He is at ease working with academics and has in depth experience of the specific issues which arise when developing IP in the academic environment, and in spinning technology out into new startup companies.

Areas where Peter has extensive technical expertise include solid state materials and their use in optoelectronic, semiconductor and sensor applications; chemical biology and biosensing; 3D printing in biochemistry; plant protection products, including herbicidal combinations and formulations; and various aspects of pharmaceutical chemistry including pharmaceutical formulations, drug delivery vehicles, imaging agents and nanotechnology for use in medicine. Peter also has an interest in cleantech chemistry, such as catalytic cleantech processes. Peter regularly drafts new patent applications in these areas and provides strategic advice on portfolio building and freedom to operate.

Peter leads J A Kemp’s group of IP advisers in helping to mentor teams in a competition for early stage startup companies.

Peter joined J A Kemp as a qualified attorney in 2005 after working elsewhere in private practice. He became a partner in 2012.