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Computers are increasingly used as tools to help improve our understanding of biological systems. The field is often referred to generally as bioinformatics. Applications are diverse, ranging from research-based scenarios involving analysis of huge data sets to technologies that enhance medical diagnostics.

Many developments in the area of bioinformatics, including in software, are in principle patentable, but dealing with such cases can be challenging because of the multi-disciplinary nature of the technologies involved and the special features of software patentability. J A Kemp is able to combine the outstanding resources of its Biotechnology and Life Sciences Group with the expertise of attorneys in its Engineering and IT Group who have many years of experience in handling patent applications for computer software.

Current examples of our work in this field include assisting clients with software for gene sequencing and gene-based diagnostics, mining biological databases, designing therapeutic molecules or modifications to molecules to improve efficacy, extracting information from medical imaging data, and analysing electrical signals in the brain.

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